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Design New Distribution Center

April 06, 2016 6994 Views


Tel Sell is a home-shopping company that shows its products to the consumers through commercials and infomercials. The product assortment varies between fitness gear and beauty products to household equipment. The customers can order by telephone or the internet.


Tel Sell was growing rapidly and did not have enough storage and handling capacity in the current distribution center. Therefore a new distribution center with offices was planned to be built.


Groenewout executed:

  • The logistics design of a new distribution center for a Greenfield location

  • The scope of the Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • IT audit, a gap analysis of the current system in comparison to the required WMS for the new operation

  • An investment cost estimate for both the logistics operation and the WMS. 


  • Design of the new distribution center, including the logistics layout, an overview of the WMS requirements and estimated investment costs for total investment

  • More efficient operation

  • Improved control of total logistics process.