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Design base and lay-out drawings

April 06, 2016 6673 Views


In 2008, Staples and Corporate Express merged. Staples is now the world’s largest supplier of office products. In Europe, Staples is active in 23 countries.

Staples and Corporate Express both had their own supply chain with many own warehouses. Since 2009, more and more an integrated supply chain is being developed. Similar operations within the same country are combined.
Staples Europe has a small team of people managing all these changes. Groenewout supports this team with data analysis and lay-out drawings.

Together with Staples, a standardized design base is developed, containing details about current and future goods flows and stock levels. This design base was created for Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.
Also AutoCad drawings were made for the layout of operations in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.


  • Data crunching of large files. For example for Germany, over 16 million data records were analyzed (1 year data)
  • High quality support of the Staples Europe team with experienced consultants.