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Design and optimization DC for spare parts

April 06, 2016 6992 Views


Logistiek Centrum Koninklijke Luchtmacht, LCKLu, is responsible for the storage and distribution of spare parts for all weapon systems of the Royal Dutch Air force such as fighters, helicopters, instruction planes etc. As a consequence of political decisions LCKLu will be centralized in Woensdrecht.

Warehousing and distribution of spare parts for the different weapon-systems of the Air force is a constantly changing operation. Systems get outdated and are being replaced by modern systems. Also because of the centralization, the distribution center and warehousing of the LCKLu needed expansion. Groenewout was asked to calculate and design the logistics systems for the centralized logistic operations and to assist in defining selection criteria for a European tender of the systems.

Based upon data received from LCKLu and data gathered through field-measurements in several buildings of the distribution center, Groenewout analyzed the total stock and future needs. Based upon the results of the analysis 4 alternative logistic solutions were presented and discussed, resulting in the final decision about data, layout, equipment, control and organization. Groenewout described the logistic systems and equipment in a Program of Requirements with belonging drawings which will be part of the documents for the European tender. In addition Groenewout set up a set of selection criteria for the mentioned European tender.

As logistic specialists, from outside the Defense organization, Groenewout investigated and advised independently from existing structures and procedures, enabling the Client LCKLu to aim for a state of the art solution for the distribution center to coop with future challenges.