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Definition of supply chain strategy

April 06, 2016 7536 Views

Polpharma SA is a Polish based pharmaceutical manufacturer, covering the production of fine chemicals and the production and distribution of generic pharmaceutical products

Polpharma wanted to review and professionalize its supply chain concepts to support their extensive sales growth and the opening of the European market with the accession of Poland in the EU. Polpharma’s mission was defined to create a competitive advantage through leading supply chain management concepts.

Groenewout supported Polpharma in transferring the above mission statement and objectives into “operational” supply chain management initiatives. This was conducted through the following approach:

  • Assessment of the current supply chain performance & an external Pharma benchmark on supply chain characteristics
  • Identification and definition of cost savings & customer service opportunities
  • Definition of strategic initiatives to set-up and implement the defined opportunities.


  • A definition of Polpharma’s supply chain strategy and a definition of the strategic imperatives to formulate and help execute the identified strategy
  • Definition of supply chain initiatives to move to the future supply chain strategy
  • Go-forward tactics: project approach.