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Define optimal working processes and lay-out for order pick area.

April 06, 2016 6892 Views


For a customer in a frozen warehouse, Kloosterboer is asked to set up an order pick area for picking of cases. The frozen warehouse is fully automated with full pallets in and full pallets out. Order picking will be done manually in a dedicated area. Replenishments to this area are done from the automated high-bay.

Groenewout was asked to define the optimal working processes and lay-out for the order pick area.
1,800 m2 total area (fixed)
6,500 (average) to 10,000 (peak) cases per day
500 SKU’s

Two scenario’s were investigated:

  • Conventional pick-by-order model
  • “Put to order” model: start with mother pallet from the high-bay and distribute over orders on the floor.

For both scenario’s, a lay-out is developed, the required number of FTE’s is calculated and an investment budget is made. Also the impact on the WMS is discussed.
Space is limited in the pick area. Special attentions is paid to the required number of mother pallets and order pallets inside the area. This depends on the number of cases to be picked and on the product mix. A simulation model is developed to analyze this dynamically based on actual orders.


  • The chosen solution is the result of a good cooperation and open discussions between Kloosterboer and Groenewout
  • An efficient and effective lay-out based on experience of Groenewout
  • Groenewout was able to calculate and quantify the impact of certain process parameters. For example when do we need to send back pallets to the high-bay.