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Define optimal warehouse layout

January 19, 2017 7153 Views

Van Leeuwen Buizen


Van Leeuwen is a globally operating trading company specialized in steel pipes and pipe and tube applications.


Van Leeuwen is working towards the implementation of a new ERP system. In order to maximize the benefit from this changeover, Van Leeuwen identified some key questions which they wanted to investigate prior to continuing with  the development of the new ERP system.

Groenewout was asked to offer support in following decisions:

  • Review current goods flow and define optimal warehouse layout and corresponding processes.
  • Define CAPEX, OPAX and transition cost for each suggested alternative warehouse layout.
  • What changes to other business processes should be considered (transport planning, procurement,…)


  • Simulate the As-IS operation in order to review current & future need for warehouse space (m²) and labour (FTEs) by evaluating warehouse processes and comparing possible lay-outs
  • Compare possible layouts on efficiency
  • Advise on feasibility and related costs of each alternative


Deliverables include:

  • Quantification of various logistic scenarios (goods flows, FTEs, costs), to support the decision making
  • Investment budget and operational costs for new warehouse operation
  • Mapping of required changes to related business processes and their impact on the design of the new ERP system.