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Define optimal DC processes and support implementation

November 27, 2018 5379 Views


Stichd (former Dobotex) is a daughter company of Puma and has the European license to design, produce and sell socks and bodywear for Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Head and some other A-brands. The warehousing and distribution activities are done by Stichd (former Dobologic) in Tilburg.


Because of growth, the current DC became too small. Groenewout helped Stichd to define the optimal DC processes and the required space to be ready for the coming 5 years. Also Groenewout provided some support during the implementation phase.


Activities done by Groenewout:

  • Data analysis of orders and internal goods flows
  • Comparison of various DC design scenarios, ranging from conventional to highly mechanized
  • Provide input for the decision between scenarios, taking into account expected future flows and required flexibility
  • Development of layout options
  • Set up investment budget per scenario
  • Support of the Stichd implementation team


  • Optimal DC processes
  • Sizing and layout of the new DC, facilitating growth
  • Business cases to support decisions on the level of mechanization