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Define and map business processes

November 06, 2018 5641 Views


Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the production of liquid beverage enhancers as well as zero calorie sweetener products for the retail market. Heartland offers Sweeteners under its brands Splenda, Splenda Naturals and Nevella and water enhancers under te brand name Go Splash.


Heartland is a fast growing company that organically developed its business processes in “forecasting-planning-production”, “order-2-cash”, “purchase-2-pay”, “new product development” and “customer onboarding”. Due to the increasing complexity following the sales volume growth, Heartland asked Groenewout to define and map the formal business processes.


Together with the Heartland team, Groenewout conducted an AS-IS assessment on the current workflows and its operational issues.

Based upon this assessment Groenewout developed the new TO-BE processes which aligned with the current way of working as much as possible to minimize any cultural change.

The main objective was to:

  • formalize the business processes
  • assign clear roles & responsibilities
  • create awareness between the different business functions


With help of Groenewout, a set of business processes were developed in the form of flow schemes, meeting schedules  and working procedures.