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Create supply chain management, design systems + procedures

April 06, 2016 6840 Views

Project for an industry leader in imaging products and solutions for the digital home and digital office environments. Supply chain characteristics: short product life cycle, high value products, mainly non-European suppliers, trend towards European generic products, pan-European distribution.

Groenewout supported client in the determination of the optimal pan-European supply chain. By implementing the optimal concept, client is able to decrease the annual operational supply chain costs with 25+%.

The optimal supply chain concept significantly differed from the actual supply chain. Consequently the related business processes showed major discrepancies on essential elements. Therefor the business processes related to the optimal European supply chain concept were defined.
The defined supply chain business processes are used during the creation of the supply chain management organization (a/o roles, training), the design of the supporting systems and the operational procedures.


  • Rulings for sales order entry, inventory allocation and order release management
  • Assortment, inventory and distribution plans
  • Returns requests handling, completion, processing and return management to supplier.