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Cost savings in (inbound) transport and business processes

April 06, 2016 6699 Views

Spandex is one of the world´s leading trade suppliers to the sign making and display industries. Spandex specializes in the sales, distribution and support of digital printing, cutting, routing, related materials and aluminum sign systems

Over the last three years Spandex reduced its freight financials with over 15%, mainly in outbound distribution. For the coming years Spandex is aiming for a further reduction, where the focus will be on both (inbound) transport and its related business processes in Europe and Australia.


  • Performance scan and benchmarking
  • Determine improvement areas on SMART principles
  • Priority definition on those projects applicable for implementation
  • Implementation planning and its associated investments/resources
  • Business unit acceptance and change management


  • Circa 15% savings identified in yearly inbound transport spend
  • Route-to-market assessment to identify the margin per customer
  • Product portfolio optimization, i.e. supplier sourcing matrix

Click here for the interview “Spandex saves five percent on its transport costs in Europe and Australia” by Marcel te Lindert (Journalist).