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Commercial/logistic analyses led to firm position new terminal

April 06, 2016 7132 Views

Hungary wants to increase the utilization of its rail infrastructure and reduce its road transport. In the BILK area, close to Budapest, a new multi-modal logistics center with rail and road connection was planned.

For the development of the terminal, detailed market information about products and volumes to be handled was needed. Market trends and forecasting information was needed to determine the commercial and functional profile of the facilities.

A conceptual design of the multi-modal logistics terminal was provided including a phased development plan. The terminal design included the following:

  • Business plan regarding strategic commercial conditions
  • Feasibility of optimal storage systems and modes reflecting forecasted goods flows (in terms of volume and type)
  • Detailed layout drawings
  • Operational costs based on investments and requirements for the logistics systems.


  • The commercial feasibility of the terminal and an initial sizing of the different facility were defined
  • Commercial analyses in combination with our logistics knowledge enabled a strong market positioning of the terminal
  • Flexibility of the buildings in terms of possible extensions in the future.