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Change management via LEAN game (playing with Lego)

April 06, 2016 7085 Views

NedTrain provides the maintenance, cleaning and overhauling of rolling stock. Overhauls of components such as bogies and wheel sets, engines or complete trains. Refurbishment of train interiors.

NedTrain has developed a lean manufacturing concept, which aims to make lead times more reliable. This involves work floor organization, planning procedures and parts supply. NedTrain wants to adept the principle of delivering parts to the work floor on a daily basis, in line with requirements to the scheduled tasks. Groenewout was asked to support in training of the employees with the new concept.

A game with Lego bricks was developed to ‘play’ and experience the new principle. The employees were divided into teams of four parties: supplier, warehouse, staging and engineers. The goal for each team was to construct eight train compartments. By playing the game several times with different instructions on how to deliver the parts to the engineers, the improvements of the new concept were visualized. Immediately after the game, an evaluation was done to share findings and address concerns.


  • Customized lean manufacturing game, including instructions and materials
  • Creation of a playful and positive atmosphere for people from different disciplines and different levels within the organizational to cooperate and share experiences.