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Capacity increase customizing

April 06, 2016 6475 Views

Lexmark International is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing solutions for offices and homes in more than 150 countries.

At the Consumer Printer Division in The Netherlands, the printers are customized and assembled to make the printers customer specific. A continuing increase in the printer-demand, and an increased customer demand regarding order lead time and printer specifications profile meant that the existing customization and assembly lines were nearing a capacity and flexibility boundary.

After a SWOT analysis of the current situation, an optimal layout of the lines was determined, including most efficient process and level of automation. This resulted in an investment estimate and operational cost estimate for the optimal concept. A flexmodel was set up to indicate best steps to take to vary capacity (and to cover high peaks). This means that efficiency wins on the short term, in line with the long term concept.

Lexmark gained an optimized concept to increase capacity of the assembly and customization-line operation within flexibility requirements and a reduction of time loss due to waiting times. Besides there is a 30% reduction of operational costs with long term optimization, resulting in a ROI of less than 2 years.