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Business case on optimal sourcing and distribution location

April 06, 2016 6237 Views

Pentax is a leading company in the photographic industry, providing cameras, lenses, flashes, and photo accessories. The European Distribution Center is located in Zaventem, Belgium. Products are manufactured in Asia.

The product life cycle of the Pentax products has changed significantly over the last years. The fast development of new products and new features on products has lead to new requirements regarding the supply chain control and organization. Groenewout was asked to define possible business opportunities in the Pentax supply chain, facilitating the tightening requirements.

Groenewout assessed the European supply chain performance of the Pentax organization. The following business opportunities have been identified:

  • Establishment of a European supply chain organization and control
  • Enlargement of direct distribution flows
  • Optimization of European reverse logistics
  • Optimization of European transportation costs and reliability.


  • Increased insight in Pentax supply chain performance and business opportunities
  • Opportunity to improved reliability, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction
  • Opportunity to reduce transportation costs
  • Opportunity to reduce channel risk as well as an improved control to the end customer
  • Opportunity to implement an improved service organization.