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Building permit support

April 06, 2016 6848 Views


Veluvine B.V. is a market leader in the manufacture of road / highway and airfield marking products with its own integrated production and development capabilities. With a highly sophisticated laboratory facility Veluvine can provide a suitable solution for every road marking problem.

With an investment in 2011 Veluvine installed a totally new raw materials transport system for paint and two / three component cold plastic production. This process makes it possible to reduce internal handling by blowing raw materials over the factory roof to the appropriate dissolvers.
The internal and external adaptations at the building required a building permit. Veluvine asked Groenewout to take care for this permit, in close cooperation with the mechanical engineer.

Perform activities needed for the building permit:

  • Check bearing capacity of the existing structures
  • Make drawings for the building permit application
  • Regularly check during construction


  • Groenewout has experience in the items related with this installation: building permits, structural engineering and operation in ongoing processes.
  • Building request approved in only 3 weeks.