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Blue printlay-out Abbott Laboratories Zwolle

April 06, 2016 8053 Views

Abbott Laboratories B.V. has a central production facility in Zwolle. In this facility nutritionals are produced, prepared and packed. The nutritionals, distinguished in powders and liquids, are packed in cans, plastic bottles and tetra packs.

Abbott wanted to develop a master plan that defined a Blue Print for the site in Zwolle for five years ahead. This Blue Print will consist of a lay-out plan defining where functional areas for production, logistics and facilities are located.

As from the generation of the first data including growth figures it became clear that logistics was an important factor to include in the master plan for the facility. The future logistic movements and related operational costs were decisive to choose for two main warehousing areas, close to the related production activities. In this concept more flexibility towards the future was guaranteed and internal distances for pallet movements minimized.


  • Clear picture of future growth consequences, both visualized as founded with figures.
  • Future role and relation of production and logistics identified.
  • Phase time schedule for next decisions and steps.