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Audit & update of safety reports and fire prevention methods

April 06, 2016 6873 Views


Dr. W. Kolb b.v. is a chemical production facility for raw material used for production of detergents, cosmetic, textile and paper industries. The company is a subsidiary of the Holding Chemische Fabrik Dr. W. Kolb A.G. at Zug, Switzerland. In 1992 is started with a new production facility at Moerdijk.

Due to the nature of the facility extended risk analyses, safety reports with fire prevention rules including safety and evacuation plans were made by Kolb. Within Kolb arises the need to do a check on these documents.

A complete check of the documents according the latest legislation and consultations with the local authorities to tune the documents with the specific local legislation executed by an independent and specialized consultant.


  • Kolb fulfils his duty conform the Dutch legislation and their own employers
  • Groenewout carries out the check in a professional and economic way.