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Assessment sprinkler installation

April 06, 2016 6593 Views


CEVA Logistics is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, providing end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation management and distribution management. In the Benelux 23 locations are managed with a warehouse space of over 380.000 m². In Den Haag a single user site is based for their client KPN.

As part of a larger operational excellence scheme CEVA had developed redesign plans of the warehouse operation. CEVA was looking for help in the validation of the solution design and Capex of the warehouse redesign. As part of the redesign plans an assessment is needed for the current sprinkler installation.

Groenewout assessed the redesign plans including validation of starting points and review of processes, solutions, capacities and costs. Specific attention was given for the relocation plans of the mobile cage and the business case for the transition to euro pallets. Regarding the sprinkler installation Groenewout assessed the current condition of the installation and advised on necessary changes with respect to the warehouse redesign. Discussion and meetings with certification bodies, CEVA and it’s insurer and building owner and it’s insurer were necessary to come to decisions on this matter.


  • Certainty and clarity on feasibility of redesign solutions as well as related investments.
  • Detailed implementation plan including dependencies between different elements of the redesign.