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Assessment in- or outsourcing warehouse operation

November 14, 2018 5353 Views


Gerkens Cacao is a Cargill company located in Wormer, The Netherlands and is one of the largest processors of cocoa in the world. The main products are cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder which are sold to chocolate industries and food manufacturers world wide.


In the long-term, the current outsourced warehouse operation for Gerkens products was not expected  facilitate the future business growth. The fact that the existing contract with the logistics service provider ended, provided Gerkens with the opportunity to assess their contract conditions and come to a re-evaluation on outsourcing or insourcing the warehouse operation.


Groenewout executed:

  • A feasibility study for a new warehouse:
  • At a Greenfield
  • At the plant in Wormer
  • Manual – mechanization trade-off
  • Make or buy consideration.



Groenewout supported Gerkens in the overall decision making process through benchmarking, providing investment trade-offs and estimations on operational costs for the feasible logistics concepts.