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Assessment of B2C operation

September 04, 2017 6036 Views


LogistiCare is an Israeli based 3PL company providing services in all third party logistics areas (storage, picking, returns, etc.). Next to the common warehousing activities they are also active in niche markets such as Airport services, ADR, bonded warehouses, VAS and repair handling (all under their mother company Maman).


LogistiCare is looking to extend its value proposition to e-commerce retailers by offering e-fulfilment services and other e-logistics services. Furthermore, they are looking to benchmark the current operation for a large retailer for which they are handling all offline non-food activities.


  • Examine current working model and advice on potential improvements for existing B2B/B2C activities.
  • Benchmark the current operation (costs, productivity) and advice on B2C KPI’s.
  • Advise on WMS requirements to support B2C E-commerce activities.
  • Advise on possible next steps in moving towards an automated operation.
  • Advise on a high level implementation plan for a online B2C operation.


Deliverables include:

  • External view on the different LogistiCare operations.
  • Benchmark of the current cost structure and warehouse operation efficiency with known market standards, based on Groenewout’s experience.
  • Development of two conceptual business cases to identify pro & con and simulate the RoI.
  • Automated picking & storage
  • Automated packaging
  • Overview of possible logistics concepts with corresponding revenues to match the level of automation as seen in the market.
  • Listing of needed next steps to roll-out and expand the E-commerce value proposition towards LogistiCare customers.