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Assessment distribution network structure

November 27, 2018 5653 Views


Intertaste is a supplier for A-brands, leading retailers and food service providers in the European market. It consists of three independently operating business units: Food Ingredients (herbs & spices), Finished Products (soups & sauces) and Degens. Degens is their independent sales organisation for the artisanal channel.


In preparation of a new transport tender, Intertaste requests an assessment of their current distribution network structure, i.e. the number of warehouses and its respective locations.


A distribution network assessment to establish the optimal customer service against a logistics spend.

  • An assessment of 5 viable network footprint scenarios, including what-if parameters as sales growth figures and average shipment sizes.
  • Identification of improvements within the current transportation network on e.g. inefficiencies in existing transport flows.


  • Identification of the optimal EMEA distribution network structure
  • Additional saving potential in transport through x-docking and consolidation of shipments
  • Ready state data for the tender documentation.