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Business Performance Improvement Study

November 27, 2018 6276 Views


Sapa Building System (Sapa BS), a division of the Sapa Group, is a European market leader of building systems based on aluminum profile solutions which operates in 21 countries and generates a yearly net sales of ca. €300 Mio.


To realize a gross margin growth Sapa identified a new challenge in increasing efficiency by 10-20%, which should result in a higher external service level.

Groenewout was asked to perform a business process assessment for Order-To-Delivery (OTD), combined with a customer survey to identify both required and perceived service levels for both internal & external customers.


  • Mapping the OTD business processes.
  • Data collection & analysis, linking order data to physical and information flows while identifying weak spots.
  • (Internal) customer survey to benchmark agreed Service Levels with As-Is performance.
  • Root-cause analysis to identify performance failure causes



  • Better insights about real OTD performance level against SLA’s and what is reported.
  • Advice on which parameters to consider for a fair OTIF measurement.
  • Useful feedback from Customer survey to understand their perception.
  • Overview of improvement potentials (including Impact-Effort matrix), with a detailed action log and roll-out plan.
  • Due to open approach, the acceptance was carried by all business functions (operations, demand & supply planning, transport planning, customer service, finance).


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