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Analyze optimal footprint

April 06, 2016 6375 Views

Maxxium Worldwide is a premium wines & spirits brand sales and distributor network, with operations in 34 countries, and among others delivers to travel retail and B2B markets.

Since two out of four corporative brands decided to leave Maxxium, the remaining brands had to define the optimal structure for their joined volumes on short notice. Groenewout was asked to advice on the UK market and the European Travel Retail.

Supporting the distribution network advice, Groenewout provided an overview of potential scenarios incorporating:

  • Inbound & outbound handling costs & quantities
  • Inventory costs and storage costs & quantities
  • Transport costs & quantities

Groenewout also presided the workshops of the joint venture’s team during the decision process.


  • Groenewout was able to deliver the required modeling results very quickly, while being flexible towards scope setting and approach
  • Full view on potential synergies, e.g. 10% on transportation in UK after adding new products that currently have their own route to market Potential costs savings & sensitivity analysis.