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Adjustments to warehouse for storage of dangerous goods

April 06, 2016 6865 Views

Organon – the human health care business unit of Akzo Nobel – is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the creation of innovative prescription medicines.

Organon is working together with the municipalities to renew their environmental permit. Part of this renewal incorporates that Organon needs to meet the requirements for storage of dangerous goods that the government will be demanding.

The gap between the current facilities and the governmental requirements was determined, and 2 alternative solutions were considered:

  1. Adaptations within the current situation
  2. Moving to a Greenfield storage location for the dangerous goods.

The optimal layout of a Greenfield solution was defined as well as the consequences of realizing the Greenfield warehouse in phases.


  • Current storage facilities were shown to be clearly insufficient for the stricter requirements and making adjustments to the current situation was not feasible
  • Clear financial and timing consequences of the required new storage building
  • Organon got a clear insight in the effect of the new PGS regulations
  • All answers were obtained in a very short time frame