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Access in-house training

April 06, 2016 6278 Views


CEVA Logistics is the world’s largest pure play contract logistics company. In the Benelux 18 warehouse locations are managed with a space of over 200.000 m². In Maarssen a multi user site of 40.000 m² is based

Transparency in the logistic operation of each customer is needed to better serve this customer and to manage the own overall operation. MS Access is powerful database software that can help to analyze large datafiles. Groenewout was asked by the site in Maarsen to give an in-house training in data analysis in MS Access for over 20 people, from managers to customer service.


A two days course was given to two groups. Ceva provided the room and the computers.
The course focus on analyzing logistic data such as inbound files, order files, inventory etc.
The content of the first day was the introduction to data analysis in Access. Questions like when to use Excel and when to use Access, what are tables and what are queries and what type of queries are there were answered.
The second day was a follow up, several analyses were performed based on a set of logistic data. Each participant worked with an own computer. The best results are achieved if the participant can exercise, in stead of just listening.


  • Ceva Maarsen personnel is now able to analyze huge data files with MS Access
  • Participants better know when to use Excel and when to use MS Access
  • Managers are able to understand the difficulties their personnel have while analyzing data files.