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3PL Tender Support

April 23, 2019 6467 Views

Client is a 3PL company, which is growing rapidly in the Netherlands. They are targeting on new retail and e-commerce business (amongst others).

Company, a large retail chain, has sent an RFP to different 3PL companies. Client had received this RFP document and didn’t have the time and expertise to answer this RFP themselves. Groenewout was asked to perform the data analysis, to set up a logistic concept with a phased approach and to assist in filling the Client’s tender format.

To assist in answering the RFP several steps were taken:

  • Analyze the RFP document and data files
  • Calculate future flows and volumes (online and offline) based on the limited data set provided
  • Set up a logistic concept for only the offline operation, for the online and offline operation together and a logistic concept with a higher productivity with
  • more mechanization.
  • Define processes per phase / concept and productivities
  • Determine the needed m2 per phase / logistic concept
  • Set up an implementation plan
  • Assist in filling in the tender template to support the internal review sessions at Client’s office and to support the final proposal


  • With the support of Groenewout, in a very limited time frame, Client was able to set up a logistic concept where everyone believed in, supported with well thought processes and matching productivities.
  • Within a very short time frame they could deliver a well thought RFP response to their party.