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Webinar: ‘The future of logistics real estate’(NDL)

April 29, 2021 4222 Views

The macroeconomic changes in recent years – including the e-commerce boom, the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability measures and regional resistance – have all had a significant impact on logistics real estate. How does the situation in the Netherlands compare with neighboring countries? Which demands are being placed on logistics real estate, and how is the real estate world coping with those demands? Mari van Kuijk will explain the impact of e-commerce on the real estate market.

These and other questions were answered during the webinar on ‘The future of logistics real estate’ organized on Thursday 22 April.

Click here to watch the seminar.:


  • Opening by Remco Buurman, NDL/HIDC
  • Presentation by Jim Orsel and Melissa Verhoef, CBRE
  • Presentation by Mari van Kuijk, Groenewout
  • Presentation by Simon Olierook, Van der Feltz legal firm
  • Q&A

Moderator: Remco Buurman, NDL/HIDC



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