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Logistiek & E-commerce: Slotting process

June 14, 2014 7652 Views

As an expert in optimization of e-fulfillment operations, Groenewout was asked as one of the speakers.
Wendel Dijker, Managing Consultant & Partner at Groenewout, provided insight into “Slotting process and pick location design e-DC”.

A retailer faces several challenges in its e-DC, one of which is the slotting process: ‘Where should I store which items in my e-DC?’. The aim is to adapt the slotting process so as to achieve more SKUs per metre of pick face, and hence carry a wider product range in the e-DC. When doing so, it is important to take account of the continually changing product rotation rates, the composition of the product range and an efficient pick route. In this parallel session, Groenewout presents the results of its feasibility study into the adjustments in the slotting process.

For questions please contact Wendel Dijker.

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