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How can you create maximum trust in a new logistics solution?

February 20, 2020 4589 Views

On Tuesday 11 February, Houtse Meer in Den Hout, the Netherlands, was the inspiring venue for Groenewout’s knowledge session on ‘Trust-based change’. The 40 attendees were treated to two presentations, plus there was plenty of time for networking.

Presentation Arthur Zondervan

Arthur Zondervan, Managing Consultant & Partner at Groenewout, used a number of real-life cases to illustrate how Groenewout tackles feasibility studies. He also explained how taking a trust-based approach to a logistics change management project ensures that the objectives are achieved.

Download the presentationHow can you design a logistics solution reliably?’


Presentation Steven Hamoen

Steven Hamoen, owner of TALUMIS, talked about the broad usage and underlying technology of logistics simulation. He demonstrated this by creating a small model on the spot and discussing a case. When talking about the trends in the world of simulation, Steven highlighted in particular the ‘digital twin’ and its relationship to a simulation model.

Download the presentation ‘Which insights and results can you obtain from logistics simulations?’


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