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    Benchmark – Logistics locations in Western Europe

    November 01, 2011 5908 Views

    At the seminar of Nederland Distributie Land (NDL) on November 1st, 2011, Groenewout presented the results of a benchmark study on the optimal location for a European Distribution Center. Alain Beerens co-presented with Matthijs Weeink, Partner at Investment Consulting Associates

    A multi disciplinary view on the optimal location of your European Distribution Centre:

    • Chief Financial Officer: “what is the cost optimal distribution concept, both on OPEX and CAPEX”
    • Chief Executive Officer: ”how does the distribution concept support the long term corporate strategy and mitigate its risks”
    • Chief Operations Officer: “how do we align the global corporate footprint and synchronize its supply chains”

    By using a corporate business case technique, Groenewout integrated and quantified these different business perspectives into its 2011 NDL Benchmark Report

    For questions, please contact Alain Beerens.

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