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The logistics sector: more dynamic than ever

July 10, 2017 5794 Views

The logistics sector is more dynamic than ever, both literally and figuratively speaking. Innovation is necessary in all areas in order to be able to cope with a projected doubling(!) in the number of parcels shipped by 2020. Additional factors include the ongoing drive for sustainability and consumers with higher expectations than ever before. On the other hand, logistics must remain affordable. Needless to say, these apparent paradoxes are creating a number of challenges.

The Dutch trade publication Online Retailer interviewed a number of experts from the logistics sector, including Groenewout, to discuss the latest developments in this exciting industry. They even touched on the topic of the Hyperloop concept.

This article, which was published in the June 2017 edition of Online Retailer, includes input from Groenewout. To download this publication click here: Online Retailer’s Round Table for E-commerce Logistics

The article is available in Dutch only.

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