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    Strategic partnership Commonwealth and Groenewout

    June 01, 2021 4324 Views
    Boston, Massachusetts, and Breda, Netherlands, 1 June, 2021:

    Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors and Groenewout BV have announced a strategic partnership to offer supply chain consulting services to global corporations with operations in the U.S. and Europe. Both companies specialize in distribution center design, manufacturing design, and supply chain network design services. Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors was founded in 2009 and is based in Boston. Groenewout was founded in 1966 and is based in The Netherlands.

    The two companies have successfully advised numerous multi-national companies in the past such as Stryker, Electrolux, Estee Lauder, and Cargill, but this alliance will allow each firm to better service its customers around the world with locally-based experts. The two companies have worked together informally since 2015, and have teamed up on several successful consulting engagements in that period, including most recently the design of a U.S. distribution center for GNT International BV, a global ingredient manufacturer and distributor.

    “Commonwealth has a long history of global consulting engagements, including successful projects for clients in China, Indonesia, and Israel,” said Ian Hobkirk, Founder and President of Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors. “We’ve always performed those engagements with U.S.-based resources. The partnership with Groenewout enhances our capabilities with ‘boots on the ground’ resources in Europe to respond quickly and with knowledge of local design requirements.”

    alt="Commonwealth President Ian Hobkirk (left) and Groenewout Partner Arthur Zondervan."
    Commonwealth President Ian Hobkirk (left) and Groenewout Partner Arthur Zondervan.

    “Our two companies offer very complimentary services, and together we supplement each other’s ability and provide a team with even greater depth,” said Arthur Zondervan, Managing Consultant and Partner at Groenewout. “Our partnership with Commonwealth creates a unique consulting proposition in supply chain and logistics management by extending our focus to the US market.”

    For more information, contact Jesse Dages jessedages@commonwealth-sca.com, Wendel Dijker dijker@groenewout.com or Arthur Zondervan zondervan@groenewout.com.

    About Commonwealth:

    Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors is an objective supply chain consulting firm with no ties to software or equipment providers. The Boston-based company offers solutions in the areas such as distribution center design, manufacturing design, and supply chain network design. Since its founding in 2009, Commonwealth has performed more than 300 projects for over 200 companies, helping them reduce costs, improve service levels, and support growth.

    Commonwealth’s advice is trusted by multi-national companies such as Electrolux, De’Longhi, Delta Galil, and Safilo. Commonwealth works with a diverse group of companies from Fortune 100 Firms to startup companies, and tailors their services to the unique needs of each situation. www.commonwealth-sca.com

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    About Groenewout:

    For over 50 years, Groenewout has been an independent consultancy firm specialized in supply chain and logistics. It is – and intends to remain – one of the leading consultancies of its kind in the Benelux region. The company advises organizations on supply chain optimization and offers an integrated total solution for logistics challenges.

    Groenewout bridges the gap between strategic supply chain design (sales & operations planning, distribution networks) and/or tactical supply chain design (feasibility studies) and the operational implementation (including coordination) of the resulting designs. The advice of Groenewout’s experts is based on quantitative analysis and modeling, resulting in nuanced and transparent insight into logistics choices. Groenewout offers continuity and a single point of contact, from planning to realization and go-live. Groenewout provides trusted advice to large multi-national companies such as Cargill, Stryker, Estee Lauder, and Thermofisher Scientific. groenewout.com