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New regional police station with high-quality security system in the Netherlands

January 26, 2021 3604 Views

A new regional police station and high-tech central control room has been opened in the Dutch town of Bergen op Zoom as a base for various police services from the surrounding area. These include the local police force for Bergen op Zoom, the regional bureau of investigation and the Regional Service Centre. Architect Van Pelt was responsible for designing the facility, and construction company BAM Bouw & Techniek took care of the building work. The security system was not part of the construction project and was arranged separately. Groenewout supported the entire tender process for the security system and the alignment with the design team.

The consulting firm remained involved in the project realization after the tendering phase, including by continuously monitoring the coordination of the project and ensuring that the security system was supplied in line with all the agreements.

A high-quality security system is the result of a combination of engineering, technical and organizational factors, and all of these disciplines had to be aligned long before building work on the new police station began. That involved answering dozens of questions, including:

  • Which risks are we facing?
  • Who will be allowed into and out of the building?
  • How can we keep out intruders?
  • And how can we register all the processes?’

Groenewout worked in close consultation with the client and the design team to come up with a technical design. The end result is an integrated system comprising:

  • break-in and break-out detection
  • access control
  • intercom
  • camera surveillance

The system can be controlled both locally and remotely.

Groenewout handled the planning and quality control and monitored the budget during the whole process, including during the implementation of the security system.

Click here to see the new police station:



Any questions about security systems?

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