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    New office building De Lier – Syngenta Flowers

    November 03, 2021 3664 Views

    Building a new office at the site of Noord-Lierweg has been on Syngenta Flowers’ agenda for quite some time. The pile driving on 11th October 2021 marked the start of the construction work and currently the foundation is being laid. Over time the building’s framework will become more visible and our colleagues are excited and looking forward to move into the new office!

    The new office will replace some of the old offices as well as expand our current workspace. Building a new bigger office also enables the possibility to combine various departments into one building, which contributes to a dynamic and highly efficient working environment.

    As part of increasing our sustainability the building will be gas free. In addition to that several charging stations for electric cars will be installed. The new office is close to our showfield and serves as a great welcoming area with a modern look and feel!

    This Project is realized in close cooperation with Groenewout and De Meeuw. To date everything is going according to plan and the new office building should ready in Q1 2022.

    For questions regarding this project, please contact Ben de Waardt.

    Source: Syngenta Flowers, De Lier