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Inspiration session Distribution Footprint Strategy

July 10, 2017 6133 Views

On 27 June, Groenewout organized the latest inspiration session on Distribution Footprint Strategy. With more than 40 participants and featuring plenty of knowledge sharing, interactive discussions and networking, the event was a resounding success.

If you have any questions regarding this event or about Groenewout’s services, please contact Isabel Schouten.

Presentation Alain Beerens – Distribution Footprint Strategy

Alain Beerens shared details of his experiences within a decision-making and realization procedure for a distribution footprint implementation project. He started by presenting an overview of the project activities, pitfalls and planning during such a procedure. Alain then took a closer look at the primary decision-making factors and how they can be developed into a financially sound and qualitative business case as the basis for a well-considered strategic decision. Last but not least, he touched on how the structure of the logistics organization, and in particular inventory management, should support the new footprint.

Download the presentation of Alain Beerens


Presentation Dries Castelein, DC& I – Financing the realisation of a new distribution footprint

Dries Castelein shared his experiences of and insights into real estate finance in the logistics sector.

He got his presentation underway with an overview of the real estate market and the various phases involved in a standard real estate acquisition procedure. For each phase, he examined the issues that should be taken into account, things that can go wrong and the typical time frame. He also zoomed in on a number of developments within the logistics real estate sector. On the one hand, for example, mechanization is an increasingly important component. On the other, the rapidly changing demands within logistics mean that companies need to stay flexible, which is leading to ever-shorter contract periods with service suppliers.

Download the presentation of Dries Castelein