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Happy, Healthy and Successful 2016

January 11, 2016 6556 Views

For Groenewout, 2015 was a good year from several perspectives. We started 2015 in a ‘positive flow’ and we sustained that positive line throughout the whole year, so we also have high expectations for 2016.

Healthy optimism
The caution which held a tight grip on the global economy over recent years has changed into healthy optimism among manufacturers and consumers alike. This has significantly improved the willingness to invest in the logistics market. At Groenewout, this has mainly translated into a number of warehouse projects we’re currently handling for the likes of Stryker, ForeverDirect and Brezan. Furthermore, many of our customers are now once again focusing on a strategy of revenue growth rather than cost cutting. As a result, there has been a clear increase in the number of national and European Distribution Network Studies performed compared with previous years. Just some of our customers in this area in 2015 included ASICS, Coty, Huntsman, Zebra Technologies, Ideal Standard and AGFA.

Moreover, for Groenewout 2015 was the year of e-commerce logistics, and included projects together with bol.com and Active Ants. Despite the huge growth that those kinds of companies are experiencing right now, we believe that e-commerce firms still have an enormous amount of untapped logistics strength. Therefore, at Groenewout we see a lot of medium to long-term growth potential in terms of the number of supply chain projects within that sector.

50 years of Groenewout
In addition to this positive outlook, we’ve got another reason to celebrate in 2016, because it’s 50 years since our founder, Cor Groenewout, started the company Brabo Groenewout in 1966. After a few years of operating mainly as a traditional construction engineering firm, Cor was quick to shift his focus onto logistics from the mid-70s onwards – particularly to capitalize on the increasing logistics presence of American and Asian multinationals in Europe at that time. For example, Mobil Plastics took its first logistics steps in Europe supported by our office at Nijverheidssingel 313 in Breda.

Needless to say, we are tremendously proud that now, 50 years later, we have grown into one of Europe’s most respected logistics and supply chain consultancy firms.

Developments in 2016
Over the course of 2016 we will provide you with more details about the celebrations and festivities related to our 50th anniversary. We will of course keep you up to date on all other developments within Groenewout via our newsletters, such as the innovation sessions – (the spring session will be based on the theme of logistics real estate) – and the technical advancements related to the Warehouse Configurator and Chainscope.

Summing up, we have every confidence that 2016 will bring us plenty of interesting developments. We hope you share that sentiment with us, and we wish you a prosperous new year!

Team Groenewout