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Groenewout in top 10 The best supply chain management and logistics consultancy firms

January 22, 2018 9772 Views

Groenewout is proud to be among the top 10 best supply chain management and logistics consultancy firms.
Bron: Consultancy.nl/03 januari 2018

Corporate decision-makers regard TNO, Deloitte, Atos, EY and KPMG as the best consultancy firms to work with for advice on supply chain management and logistics. Twynstra Gudde receives the highest rating in terms of operational excellence, while EY tops the list for customer focus.

The Dutch business journal Management Team has been conducting an annual survey into the quality and popularity of business-to-business service providers in the Netherlands since 2001. The survey covers services in various specialist areas, ranging from strategic and organizational consulting and accountancy to HR consulting and interim management*.

The experiences of corporate decision-makers are gathered and analyzed to gain insight into customer satisfaction. In the latest survey, a total of 2,592 respondents rated 2,135 different companies from three perspectives: customer service, product leadership and operational excellence. In order to be allowed to rate companies, the corporate decision-makers must have had business-related contact with them in the past three years. The survey was conducted by Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation, the research and valorization center of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

To arrive at the final score for each company, the Net Promotor Score was calculated based on the answers to the following question: “How likely is it that you would recommend this service provider to a friend or colleague?” The respondents answered the question on a scale of 1 to 10. “So the MT1000 is based not only on reputations but also on experiences,” claim the researchers.

Supply chain management and logistics

One of the 58 categories included in the ranking is ‘best consultancy firms for supply chain management and logistics’. In terms of the overall scores of the various consultants, research institute TNO has secured the top spot, followed by Big Four accounting and consulting firm Deloitte and then IT service provider Atos. EY and KPMG make up the rest of the top five. Other notable firms in the list include strategic consultants A.T. Kearney (#7) and McKinsey & Company (#12) as well as consulting firms Twynstra Gudde (#8), IG&H Consulting & Interim (#9), logistics specialist Groenewout (#10), PwC (#11) and organizational consulting firm Berenschot (#13).

In addition to receiving an overall score, the companies have also been rated based on three concrete aspects: customer focus, product leadership and operational excellence (in line with the Treacy & Wiersema model). Each company could be awarded a maximum of five stars for each aspect. TNO scores the highest for product leadership (4.17), whereas EY has the best customer focus (4.38) and Twynstra Gudde is the number one in terms of operational excellence (4.33).

Last but not least, the respondents could also share details of their experiences with their suppliers by adding comments in their own words. Furthermore, the market share within the relevant target group and the number recommendations has been factored into the rating. This reveals that corporate decision-makers have done the most business with EY, KPMG and PwC (each with 14% of the respondents) over the past three years, followed by Atos (12%), Deloitte and TNO (both 11%).

* The study only includes companies with more than 5% response. Five specialist areas were removed from the ranking at the end of the study due to a lack of reliable response.