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50th Anniversary Groenewout in 2016

June 02, 2016 7514 Views


A wonderful milestone to be very proud of: it’s 50 years since our founder, Cor Groenewout, started the company in 1966. After a few years of operating as a traditional construction engineering firm, Groenewout was quick to shift its focus onto logistics from the mid-70s onwards – particularly to capitalize on the increasing logistics presence of American and Asian multinationals in Europe at that time. For example, Mobil Plastics took its first logistics steps in Europe supported by our office at Nijverheidssingel 313 in Breda.

Needless to say, we are tremendously proud that now, 50 years later, we have grown into one of Europe’s most respected logistics and supply chain consultancy firms.

Groenewout 50th anniversary
On 2 June 2016, we celebrated Groenewout’s 50th anniversary together with a sizable group of our valued customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues in the idyllic setting of the Landgoed Ulvenhart country estate in Ulvenhout, the Netherlands. We can look back with a sense of pride and satisfaction on a very enjoyable party. The memorable afternoon included an inspiring presentation by Daan Roosegaarde who gave the audience insights into his interactive designs that form a dynamic relationship between people, technology and open spaces. The celebratory afternoon concluded with a luxury barbecue buffet and live music.

For details of the presentations, please see the following articles:

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• On the website Groenewout.com you can find an interview with Groenewout’s four partners entitled Logistics to have an even greater impact on company success’

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