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    May 01, 2005 7814 Views

    In today’s volatile marketplace it is extremely difficult to maintain your transportation costs at a competitive, market conform level. Companies are confronted yearly with price increases. Nobody knows if these prices are still at market level. Asking for competitive bids is not always an option. Benchmarking allows companies to assess their position in relation to market rates and, if necessary, to confront Logistics Service Providers and open negotiations.

    To support this process Groenewout operates an European transportation and warehousing costs database PANDA. This databases is based on real data from our recent projects, continuous contacts with Europe’s main Logistics Service Providers and over-all market knowledge.

    In many projects we have been able to show that the benchmarked costs were substantially lower than the actual costs paid by the client. Databases are extremely valuable in determining the optimal transportation costs. Only databases that are up-to-date will provide maximum benefit for the optimization of your Supply Chains. Also flexibility in the number of from/to locations is a key success factor. For these reasons Groenewout choose for a dynamic setup of the database structure.

    If you want to know more about PANDA and its structure and benefits, please contact Wendel Dijker.


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