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Webinar on 28 September: Saving energy and money in your cold storage warehouse (Dutch spoken)

28 September 2023 723 Views

How can you keep energy costs in check while improving operational efficiency? During the webinar on ‘Saving energy and money in your cold storage warehouse’, specialists from Groenewout (Peter Marijnissen), Americold Urk and Rite-Hite will tell you all about how to counteract energy leaks and prevent cold loss. The free webinar will take place on 28 September from 12:30 to 13:30. 

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How big is the problem of energy leaks? And how can you detect them? There are many places where cold loss or heat infiltration can go unnoticed in a cold storage warehouse, resulting in high energy costs. During this webinar, Peter Marijnissen, a consultant at Groenewout, will explain how to detect energy leaks and why they are a major problem. Besides identifying the challenges, Marijnissen will also share practical tips and ‘quick wins’ for immediate cost savings.

Freezer doors: an optimum solution

Managers of cold storage warehouses face the ongoing challenge of preventing ice formation, cold loss and frostbite. Effective freezer doors can address all these issues, while also safeguarding brand integrity, ensuring food safety, and reducing carbon emissions. Gerwin Jansen will join the webinar on behalf of Rite-Hite, a market leader in logistics solutions including freezer doors. He will discuss the role of freezer doors in reducing cold loss and the associated non-energy-related costs.

User case

As owner of Americold Urk, Gerrit Brands knows just how important good-quality freezer doors are to protect both food safety and the company’s reputation. He enlisted Rite-Hite’s help to identify where cold loss was occurring in his cold storage warehouse. When looking for the right solution, he considered not only energy savings, but also convenience for warehouse operatives. During the webinar, Brands will talk about his use of Rite-Hite products to combat cold loss.

The topics covered during the webinar include:
  • Detecting and recognizing energy leaks
  • Quick wins and practical tips to save energy
  • Hidden non-energy-related costs
  • A real-life example from Americold
  • Rite-Hite’s energy-efficient freezer doors

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The free webinar will be held on 28 September from 12:30 to 13:30 h.

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