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Supply Chain Innovations 2022

31 March 2022 3333 Views

We are looking forward to meeting up in person at Antwerp EXPO, during the Supply Chain Innovations event on 31 March.

The Supply Chain Innovations Event presents a large number of key sessions related to supply chain management as well as offering plenty of opportunities for networking within the supply chain community.  The event will be held on Thursday March 31 in Antwerp Expo (Hall 1). Click here for the Program SCI 2022

Presentation Active Ants: the future of e-fulfilment

Thursday 31 March 2022

Antwerpen Expo – 14u30 – 15u10

Jeroen Dekker takes its audience on a journey of how automation and robotization seems to be the only sustainable way for both humans and society to keep up with the steep growth of e-commerce in logistics.

About Jeroen

Jeroen Dekker, Co-founder & Managing partner Active Ants, is a serial entrepreneur who founded consecutively five successful companies all related to e-commerce. He was born in the Netherlands but currently lives in Belgium. After he finished his retail management study in 1996 he started working for the first webshop in the Netherlands: shop.nl. From that moment he specialized in e-commerce.

His latest and biggest project since 2010 is Active Ants, Europe’s most innovative e-commerce logistics company. Active Ants employees approximately 500 people and is active in three European countries. In 2018 Active Ants was acquired by bpost group. Jeroen is still in charge of the company and responsible for innovation and internationalization.

Support Groenewout

Active Ants enlisted Groenewout’s expertise for support with the conceptual design decisions and supplier selection for its e-fulfilment center in Roosendaal. Groenewout helped Active Ants with the realization in terms of both logistics and construction-related aspects. An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution was chosen for transporting boxes in order to minimize the number of conveyors.

The solution combines optimal scalability and flexibility with the lowest cost price. The project also investigated the implementation of automatic packaging machines.

“Groenewout did a fantastic job in supporting us during the realization of this new facility in Roosendaal. I’d especially like to thank Dirk Becks,” states Jeroen Dekker, Managing Partner of Active Ants.

Stand Groenewout – will you visit us?

Groenewout is pleased to invite you to visit us at our stand for an informal discussion of your logistics & supply chain issues.
If you have a particular matter in mind or would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us: Isabel Schouten +31 76 533 0440.