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Supply Chain Innovations 2015

26 March 2015 6038 Views

The Supply Chain Innovations Event presents a large number of key sessions related to supply chain management as well as offering plenty of opportunities for networking within the supply chain community. The event will be held on Thursday 26 March 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium.

Groenewout, will be presenting the supply chain planning business case: 

Forecasting & demand planning creates stability [ Customer Case ]

A North American manufacturer, brand owner and distributor of food and personal care products was suffering high inventory levels yet a relatively low service level. The inaccuracy of the sales forecasts from the local countries combined with a lack of information about the in-transit stock was creating supply chain challenges. The forecasting issue repeatedly caused problems for the Inventory Management and Customer Service departments. Furthermore the data was not always reliable, and hence nor were the conclusions. Something clearly needed to change. In a very short time frame, Groenewout devised a solution in the form of a method that resulted in concrete performance improvements, and the situation has now stabilized.

MTO Conference
During the MTO Conference, which is focused wholly on innovative solutions, Groenewout will be speaking about our innovative inventory planning system. The methodology we have developed enables a 50% reduction in inventory while maintaining or even improving the service level.
Groenewout is pleased to invite you to visit us at our stand for an informal discussion of your logistics & supply chain issues. If you have a particular matter in mind or would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us:Isabel Schouten or +31 76 533 0440.
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We hope to see you there!