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Logistics & E-commerce inspiration session (Dutch-language event)

19 October 2022 2596 Views

Get inspired and exchange ideas on logistics topics!

On Wednesday 19 October, Groenewout is organizing a ‘Logistics & E-commerce’ inspiration session: an afternoon of knowledge and networking focused on the latest logistics-related technological developments.

New technologies are having a wide-ranging impact in logistics, both in order picking and packing, enabling you to boost your productivity, increase your flexibility and – where possible – speed up your processes.

Attend Groenewout’s inspiration session on Wednesday 19 October to discover how your company can make these technologies work for you. Groenewout will zoom in on Goods-to-Person picking concepts. Packing strategies will be addressed in two company presentations: one by Kramp, Europe’s biggest specialist in agricultural parts, and the other by bol.com, the Netherlands’ leading online retailer. Sign up now to secure your place on 19 October!

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14.30 Registration opens

15.00 How to choose a Goods-to-Person system

The emergence of new technologies, the labor shortage and volume growth are all reasons to increase the level of automation. What are the options? What are the pros and cons of each one? And how can you make the right decision? Groenewout shares insights from its experience of advising and implementing clients in various sectors.

15:45 Reducing the size of packaging at Kramp: what did that entail?

Kramp has switched to reduced-height fixed-footprint boxes in several of its warehouses. How did the company reach the decision for this packaging technology? What were the lessons learned? And what are the short-term expectations?

16.30  Netwerkbreak

17.00  Automated packing @bol.com

At bol.com, the packaging for all loose items has been automated since 2015. Even more new machines were added when the new warehouse went live recently. These machines facilitate even smarter packing, which means smaller parcels, less packaging material and minimal air in each shipment. Find out on 19 October why bol.com chose this solution and how it has been integrated into the total operation.

17.45 Closing remarks, followed by networking buffet (soup and sandwiches)


Dirk Becks

Senior Consultant

Arthur Zondervan

Managing Consultant

Maarten Markerink

Warehouse Engineering Manager

Dorine Zeeman

Lead Business Analist Logistiek

Jan Staps

Technisch Logistiek Specialist


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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Isabel Schouten: +31 (0)76 5330440 or schouten@groenewout.com. During the event itself you can reach her on +31 (0)6 1506 5580.


Het Houtse Meer
Pannenhuisstraat 40
4911 BS Den Hout


Tel.nr. 0162 213 000


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PLEASE NOTE: fill in Bergsebaan Den Hout and not  Pannenhuisstraat. The Pannenhuisstraat is a sandy path. The Houtse Meer is located at the end of it at crossing Bergsebaan / Pannenhuisstraat.