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Access for analyzing logistics data

29 October 2020 5861 Views

Groenewout is pleased to inform you that its next training course Data Analysis in MS Access will take place in Breda on  29 October & 5 November 2020. The program is organized over a 2 day period: Introduction and Advanced Course:

  • Day 1 is a general introduction and is suitable for anyone who is interested in Data Analysis in Access.
  • Day 2 is meant for individuals who have at least a basic knowledge of Access, but also for more experienced users. MS Access can provide an important source for supporting critical decision-making.

As IT systems have become more sophisticated and widely used, both the quantity and the quality of present day logistics data have substantially increased. It is essential to have the ability to analyze all this data using Access; in that this tool provides an important source for supporting critical decision-making. While at the same time one must not underestimate the possibility of making mistakes when analyzing data using Access, especially when in the hands of less experienced users.

At Groenewout, we frequently make use of Access databases; i.e. to analyze distribution networks, to optimize warehouses, stock levels, etc. We use Access regularly because only Excel is often too limited. The combination of Access and Excel offers many more possibilities. We have built up a significant knowledge base and experience level over the years.

Set-up of the course

Day 1: Course introduction – Thursday October 29

  • Introduction to Access databases, tables and queries
  • How to import data into Access
  • How to make basic queries
  • When to use Excel, when Access?

Set-up of the course

Day 2: Advanced course – Thursday November 5 

  • How to set-up a data model
  • Verification of data and data integrity
  • How to avoid mistakes and errors
  • Examples of queries
  • Tips & tricks

Data & Location

You can register for one or for both days:

  • Day  I : Thursday  October 29  €299,-
  • Day II: Thursday   November 5  €299,-

Save 50€ off the total price when you register for two days.
Total course fee both days: €548 (normal €598).

The course takes place at Groenewout’s office in Breda, Claudius Prinsenlaan 132a, Gebouw B, 4818 CP Breda, the Netherlands.

The maximum number of attendees per course is 10 in order to ensure personal attention.
Click here for the registration form . For questions email Isabel Schouten or call +31 (0)76 533 04 40.