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E-fulfillment seminar (Value Chain)

18 October 2016 5628 Views

The E-fulfillment event presents a large number of key sessions related to e-fulfillment.

Groenewout will be one of the speakers focusing on e-commerce in warehousing.

“It might sound strange, but e-commerce is still only in its infancy and yet it is already causing disruption in terms of traditional warehousing activities. Large, automated distribution centers are being developed for e-commerce activities to meet customer needs. The Amazons, Zalandos and Bol.coms of this world dictating the pace and standards. But the logistics service providers have also realized that this discipline is a completely different ball game.”

The seminar starts with an introduction to the general context, to why and how e-commerce is creating major challenges for traditional retail and its impact on warehouse design and management. It is no longer enough to join in merely as a way of increasing turnover or because your competitor also has an e-commerce platform.

For information please contact our Office Management at mail@groenewout.com