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Optimal logistics for new Bakkersland Distribution Centre

April 20, 2010 7116 Views

An interview with Mr Gabriël van der Graaf, Logistics Manager Bake-Off for Bakkersland by Tjaart Theron
Bakkersland is a Dutch bakery company that has grown out of a number of family bakeries. Apart from fresh bread every day and a complete assortment of bake-off products for retailers, shops and homes Bakkersland also delivers pastry to retailers throughout the Netherlands. Last year, Bakkersland acquired a new bakery production site in the south of the Netherlands when it took over Quality Bakers, which had a similar assortment of bakery products. As a result of the much larger combined volume of the two Distribution Centres – one in Eindhoven and one in Tilburg – Bakkersland wanted to integrate the product flow in a new distribution centre in Tilburg. Bakkersland needed outside expertise to help them to define the optimal logistics process for the new Distribution Centre. After a thorough selection process, Groenewout was contracted for this assignment.

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