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Groenewout enables management of Mid Ocean Brands to take valuable decisions

February 10, 2010 6530 Views

An interview with Mr Stephen Gibson, Senior Director Operations for Mid Ocean Brands by Tjaart Theron

Mid Ocean Brands (MOB) is one of the leading promotional product wholesalers, selling a wide range of products including pens, mugs, bags USB stick, etcs. MOB represents a merger of several trading companies and has a focus on the Benelux and Spain – with activities expanding across Western Europe and the main markets in Eastern Europe. The company has 11 European regional sales offices and approximately 60.000 m2 warehouse capacity in 3 locations (Spain, Poland and the Netherlands). More than 35 million articles representing 4.500 different products are held in stock. In 2009, Mr. Gibson asked Groenewout to assist the management to come to a decision on a strategy that would optimise its future supply chain strategy.

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