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Getting more out of warehouse data without costly tools

May 15, 2017 5964 Views

Warehouses are the source of a wealth of data that is still severely under-utilized, according to Rob Wijnen, Senior Consultant and Data Specialist at Groenewout. He presents five steps to help companies get more out of their logistics data without needing cost-intensive and complex tools.

The importance of data in optimizing processes and performance needs no explanation nowadays. Most logistics managers realize that they can and should leverage more meaningful information from their data – but they struggle with the matter of how to do so. Their attempts are often limited to incidentally grappling with spreadsheets or standardized reports that are then barely given a second glance. In just five steps, these companies can move towards a situation in which data is structurally gathered, stored, validated, enriched and analyzed.

This article has been published on online logistics platform: logistiek.nl.

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